Top 10 Favorite Things About Living in Romania (Part I)

will travel with kids

blogphoto3Nearly two years ago Jake and Jessie Stimpson moved to Bucharest, Romania with their four children.  A year ago they talked about their joys and fears moving to a new culture and a location thousands of miles away from family and friends.  You can read that interview here.  Now, after many more months of living in Romania, they have composed a Top Ten Favorites list.  Today Jessie, due to deliver their fifth child any day, discusses her five favorite things about living in Romania.  In Part II Jake shares his unconventional list of Top 5 favorite things about Romania.


Romanian culture mystifies me at times. At one moment, I feel not much different than when in the States, but in the very next I can be either completely amazed or totally frustrated. But to focus on the good…Here are my five favorite things about Romania (so far).


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