Gheorghe Tirla

Iona 300 

Din albumul “Gheorghe Tirla”:

Ioan Aurel Mureşan: “An authentic painter. A character established in and outside world, a very sensitive observer of human suffering and avatars, Gheorghe Tirla assumes with obstinacy his condition of a imago-thaumaturge. Being gift with a capacity of empathy, which is very rare in nowadazs, and with a Christian essence, his pictures reveal expresivity and pathos.”

Liviu Tudor Samuilă: “Gheorghe Tirla is a painter born from the ashes of his religious burnings. Faith had sled him towards the tear and apocalypse of olg age disfigured by time. It was the raw material of his compositions, either figurative or abstract for wich he used medium of large size areas. Hallucinating visions, oscillating between the genesis and the vesperal sunset of life.”

Negoiţă Lăptoiu: “He has the ability to evoke, by plastic specific means, raising the insăirational pretext to the size of a high generalizing meaning. Through bold and improved associations of accents and tonalities he accomplishes energetic, tense compositions, expressionist in style, as proved in the works of the cycle in which he transfigures states supplied by the depths of the Purgatory, or the ones referring to Pain, Beggars…”

Lucrări ale pictorului orădean pot fi vizualizate pe site-ul impresariatului artistic CIDAC din Italia.

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2 răspunsuri to “Gheorghe Tirla”

  1. teologeanu Says:

    aduce cu Edvard Munch – The Scream. Prima imagine.
    a doua are culorile artistului de mai sus.

  2. “Babel” – Expoziţie de pictură la Oradea « La Rotundu Says:

    […] “Babel” – Expoziţie de pictură la Oradea Astăzi, 18 iunie, de la ora 19.00, la Galeria de Arte Vizuale din Oradea, va avea loc vernisajul expoziţiei de pictură intitulată “Babel”, care va reuni lucrările a 10 artişti plastici orădeni, printre care şi Gheorghe Tirla. […]

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